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Because no one wants to die alone: Relationship initiation and dissolution behaviors associated with the fear of being single




Fear of being single, Post-relationship friendship, Continued romantic attraction, anxious attachment, relationship-contingent self-esteem


Here we replicate previous work on the fear of being single (FBS), personality, attachment, and relationship-contingent self-esteem, and also examine whether those with high FBS attempt to initiate romantic relationships more frequently and are more motivated by continued romantic attraction to remain friends with ex-partners than others. In line with prior work, FBS was positively associated with anxious attachment, relationship-contingent self-esteem, and emotionality. FBS was negatively associated with relationship initiation behaviors. Similarly, single men were more likely to attempt to initiate a romantic relationship with an opposite-sex friend than were single women, particularly if they were low in FBS. Although FBS was not associated with whether or not an individual remains friends with ex-partners, there was an association between FBS and continued romantic attraction as a motivator behind these friendships.





research articles